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In the bedroom, everything goes when it comes to sexual gratification. While some people enjoy painful and pleasurable experiences, others enjoy something more stimulating like nipple clamps. Nipple clamps are sex toys couples use to enhance their sexual desires. Although these words sound painful, some people actually take pleasure in the experience. When it comes to making love, and pleasing each other, there should be no limitations of how far couples are willing to go enhance their time together in the bedroom.

What Are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are part of the sex toy collection, or manual manipulation enhancement toys. They are used during intercourse or sex to bring excitement to the bedroom. You could say, in comparison, they are similar to jumping cables. Due to the sensitivity of the nipples, some people may want to experiment with the clamps on their own, before making them part of their sexual ritual. However, not everyone is into painful, pleasurable sex, or the use of sex toys. So make sure you are both on the same page.

How Do Nipple Clamps Work?

Nipple clamps work by temporarily restricting the flow of blood to the nipple area. During this period, sexual tension increases. However, the clamps should not be left on, no longer than 10 minutes. If left on too long the tissues in the nipples will begin to die.

How to Properly Apply Nipple Clamps?

There is always a right way and a wrong way to use any device, regardless of what it is used for. Nipple clamps are sexual stimulators which are placed on the nipples until the desired level of pleasure is reached, if the clamps are adjustable. Before the clamps are applied to be nipples, be sure to follow these instructions;

  • Be sure the nipples are erected or standing at attention as so to speak
  • Use your wedding ring finger to adjust the tension, (include your submissive partner in this part)
  • To avoid your clamps from popping off, do not place the clamps to close to the end of the nipple
  • For a better grip, wet the nipple before applying the clamps

What are the Different Types of Nipple Clamps?

Adjustable clamps are perhaps the most popular and most widely used clamps in the bedroom. The screw on type clamps, allow partners to control of the intensity or sensitivity of the desired amount of pressure their partner wants. This type of clamp is called clothespins clamps, due to their similar pinching effect. Nipple clamps are attached to a metal chain, and the heavier the chain, the more pressure the clamps apply to the nipples. The other type of nipple clamp is called the clover nipple cramp which is non-adjustable.

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