Bathmate - Penis Pump Cleaning & Storage Kit

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The Bathmate Cleaning Kit & Storage Bag have been created exclusively for Bathmate users to prolong the Bathmate's life and also give you an easy and attractive way to store your Bathmate in home and when traveling.
With the Bathmate Cleaning kit you can keep your Bathmate in top condition and always ready. Using the cleaning kit is easy and effortless and will help extend the life of your Bathmate for years to come!
What you get with your Bathmate Vanity & Cleaning Kit.
A specially designed brush that's the perfect fit for your bathmate. It helps make cleaning your Bathmate effortless.
Extra/Replacement Sponge head for cleaning your Bathmate.
Bathmate Storage Case. An attractive, simple case for storage and travel, giving you the privacy you need while traveling with your Bathmate.
Custom wash cloth designed to leave your Bathmate shinning like new!
A super absorbent terry cloth to dry the Bathmate after you clean it.