Bye Bra - Adhesive and Comfortable Push-Up Pads (Nude)

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Bye Bra comfortable polyester/biogel push-up pads will give you the full perky breasts you've always dreamed about. Just peel the protective film off each adhesive pad, insert them one-at-a-time into each cup of your bra, and voila, after smoothing and affixing the adhesive backing to the center of each bra cup, you're the busty broad you've always wanted to be. Or if you're looking for more cleavage, apply a pad to the outer side of each cup of your bra.

- 1 pair in a pack
- Composition: 52% Polyester, 48% Bio Gel
- Reusable

- Remove the protective film from the Adhesive Push-up Pads.
- Apply the Adhesive Push-up Pads, one at a time, to the inner side of your bra cup.
- Gently press the pads to smooth and secure the adhesive onto the inner side of the bra cup.

Tip: Apply the Adhesive Push-up Pads into the centre of the bra cups for the desired push-up effect, OR apply the pads more to the outer sides of the bra cups for an instant cleavage effect.