Bye Bra - Discreet and Reusable Half Push-Up Pads (Clear)

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It's your choice — slip Bye Bra Discreet and Reusable Half Push-Up Pads under each breast or into each bra cup, but the results are the same: amazing push up magic that makes your bust line appear a couple of cup sizes bigger. Perfect for anyone with uneven cup size problems, their light silicone material feels soft and natural against your skin, and their lightweight transparent gel renders then invisible in all your bikini tops.

- 1 pair in a pack
- Composition: 98% Silicone & 2% Thermoplastic Polyurethane
- Hand washable and reusable

- Slip the Half Push-up Pads under your breasts or place them in the pockets of your bra.
- Adjust the Half Push-up Pads until they are comfortable and evenly placed.
- Test the pads by leaning forward to make sure they are secure and will not fall out.