Bye Bra - Flexible Bra Extenders for 2-Hook Bra (Nude, Black, White)

Outgrow your favorite bras? Bye Bra 2-hook bra extenders can extend any two-hook bra up to eight centimeters. Flexible, soft to the touch, and easy on the skin, Bye Bra extenders give your bras a new lease on life, and guarantee a sure comfortable fit every time. Available in nude, black, and white, the Bye Bra two-hook bra extenders fit all two hook bras.

Bra extender 2 hook details:
- 4 items in a pack (2 Nude, 1 Black, 1 White)
- Could also be used for 38 mm bra closures.
- Hand Wash
- Extends the bra up to 8 centimetres
- Several colours available to pick from
- Hooks onto your bra's hook and eyes to extend the reach of your bra band
- Multi pack includes white nude and black to match all your favourite bras
- Fits all 2-hook bras.
- Materials: hooks 100% nylon, elastic 70% polyester, 30% latex thread