Bye Bra - Lace and Push Up Lace-It Bra Cup A (Nude)

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Look amazing tonight in your most revealing outfit with the Bye Bra Push Up Lace-it Bra. The lace up bra provides enhanced support and lets you lift, shape and add cleavage to your breasts. The Lace-it may be worn up to twenty-five times and is the perfect solution for plunge, strapless, or backless outfits. The Lace-it Bra comes in Nude and Black sizes A through E.

- 1 item in a pack
- Composition: 88% Fabric,12% polyamide, Elastane; Adhesive: Polyolefin gel
- Hand wash and reusable

- Clean your skin of any oils or creams.
- Dry your skin with a soft towel.
- Loosen the front clasp of the Lace-it Bra.
- Remove the protective film from the Lace-it Bra.
- In front of a mirror, choose your optimal position and place the cups onto your breasts.
- Gently press the adhesive cups onto the skin to smooth and ensure optimal support.
- Pull downwards on both laces together while sliding the front clasp upwards.
- Once the desired effect is achieved, secure the front clasp by tying a knot.

Do not use the product on sensitive skin, or on scars, or if you are pregnant.