Bye Bra - Lace and Push Up Lace-It Bra Cup B (Black)

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Strapless, adhesive bras are great-- until they aren't. As many women know, most are very uncomfortable despite looking good, and many cannot be reused despite being expensive! Fortunately, Bye Bra changes all of that. Comfortable and lightweight while still providing plenty of support (and sexy push up lift!), this bra can be reused up to 25 times! Comes in black and fits B cup sizes.

- 1 item in a pack
- Composition: 88% Fabric,12% polyamide, Elastane; Adhesive: Polyolefin gel
- Hand wash and reusable

- Clean your skin of any oils or creams.
- Dry your skin with a soft towel.
- Loosen the front clasp of the Lace-it Bra.
- Remove the protective film from the Lace-it Bra.
- In front of a mirror, choose your optimal position and place the cups onto your breasts.
- Gently press the adhesive cups onto the skin to smooth and ensure optimal support.
- Pull downwards on both laces together while sliding the front clasp upwards.
- Once the desired effect is achieved, secure the front clasp by tying a knot.

Do not use the product on sensitive skin, or on scars, or if you are pregnant.