Bye Bra - Perfect Cleavage Tape Cup A-F 3-6 Pairs (Nude)

Look your sexiest tonight with Bye Bra Perfect Cleavage Tape. By using an ”L” shaped tape to lift the breast and turn it inward, then adding an inverted ”T” shaped tape for support, the Bye Bra Perfect Cleavage Tape lifts your breasts and adds cleavage, as well. Each pack comes with three pairs of tape and silk nipple covers for comfort.

The Perfect Cleavage tape consists of four breast lifting tapes; two tapes per breast. The first tape, shaped like an 'L', lifts the breast and turns it inwards to create cleavage; while the second tape, shaped like an inverted 'T', adds the final support.

Each pack includes free silk nipple covers, to conceal nipple protrusion and protect the nipples.

Depending on the cup size, the L and T-tapes can be cut in half to adapt to the wearer's needs accordingly. Therefore, each pack offers up to 6 sets for women with cup A and B, and 3 sets for women with cup C and above.

In each pack, you will find 'Useful application tips', in order to make sure you look fabulous wearing the Perfect Cleavage tape.