Fun Factory - Patchy Paul DeluxeVIBE Rechargeable Vibrator

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Fun Factory Patch Paul knows women well and never fails to fulfill their wish with charisma and a powerful motor. This smooth gentleman has individual ripples on his body and promises exciting pleasure when inserted without overwhelming amount of pleasure.
Thanks to G4 control element, Patchy Paul delivers his pleasure with a comfortable ergonimic handling and Fun Factory's CLICK 'N' CHARGE recharge technology.

FF Texture: Soft and velvety (3) Soft and velvety says it all: this finish is a treat to touch

Special Features

100% waterproof
Illuminated control element LOOP with "Magic Touch" function
1 touch buttons for intuitive control
BOOSTER button for instant program selection
Infinitely adjustable vibration intensities
3 programs
Powerful, quieter and longer-lasting motor
Sleeve made of 100% silicone

Size: 8,5 inch - ˜ 1,6 inch