Fun Factory - SmartBalls Teneo Uno Kegel Ball (Red)

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Fun Factory offers the Smartballs Teneo Uno red vaginal balls for women. These toys are perfect for those who want to stimulate themselves while exercising their pelvic muscles or who want to have the balls rotate deep inside them. The balls have a perfectly formed hollow area that allows for easy insertion into the vagina with a finger. The durable construction and silicone texture assures repetitive pleasure.

Special Features

ergonomically formed finger hollow ”easy-in' to aid insertion
seamless construction
perfect for women with a dropped or tilted uterus
velvety soft silicone
silicone removal loop
steady rotation of balls
nearly soundless
improved surface feel with crosslines

Materials - Silicone
Item Length - 1.5"
Item Height - 5" (Ball 1.5")
Item Width - 1.5"
Item Weight - 1.5oz
Type of Packaging - Boxed
Length of Packaged Item - 3.375"
Height of Packaged Item - 5"
Width of Packaged Item - 1.875"
Weight of Packaged Item - 3.3oz
Country of Origin - Germany