Fun Factory - Stronic Eins Vibrator (Dark Violet)

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Fill the need inside yourself with the Stronic Eins pulsator. Ten stimulation patterns let you choose a rhythm that you find enjoyable, while a vibrating thrust feels almost like the real thing. All you have to do is press the aptly named Fun" button to begin your journey to pleasure town. If you need to stop in a hurry just press the button again to switch it off.

- new, 'naturalisticó?, rhythmic thrusts
- really intense stimulation from pulsating thrusts in the strong, low frequency level
- PRESS FUN TO PLAY: easiest to use
- ten stimulation rhythms
- 'Emergency offó?: fast switch off with the FUN button
- key lock for quiet transport
- 100 % medical grade silicone
- waterproof | easy to clean