JimmyJane - Pure UV Sanitizing Mood Light Love Pods Tre Ultraviolet Edition (Purple)

Keep your personal vibrator charged and ready to use whenever you're in the mood with the JimmyJane - Pure UV Sanitizing Mood Light Love Pods Tre Ultraviolet Edition (Purple). Providing intimate lighting and an easy to use design, these love pods fit in a stylish case that charges and sanitizes your personal vibrator in just 60 minutes. Bath-friendly for more private pleasure.

• Sanitize: The UV-C sanitizing process takes only 10 minutes and is scientifically proven to sanitize your vibrator better than any other method.

• Charge: Simultaneously charges your vibrator while sanitizing the surface.

• Hide: The sleek modern design blends effortlessly in any bedroom and hides your vibrator in plain view.

• Relax: The purple glow from the PURE mood light creates a relaxing and sensual atmosphere.

• Enjoy: Our multi-award winning vibrators will make you scream with pleasure.

Pure Features:

• Works with all Your Existing Love Pod & FORM 2 Vibrators
Both versions of the PURE Mood Light include 2 interchangeable trays that are capable of sanitizing all LOVE PODS as well as all three colors of our award-winning FORM 2.

• UV-C Sanitizing:
Takes only 10 minutes and is scientifically proven to sanitize*

• LED Mood Light:
Generates no heat and operates with extreme efficiently

• Modern Design:
Blends discreetly with any interior design to easily hide in plain sight

• Contact Charging
Recharges your Love Pod or FORM 2 in about one hour

• Easy One Button Operation
A single button performs all functions

• USB Powered:
Easily power it just about anywhere

• Easy to Use:
Place product in the cradle & the lid onto the base to activate

TRE Features:

TRE shares with you the perfect number three, a universal harmony of body, soul and spirit. TRE represents the trinity of bliss, fulfillment and pleasure that can satisfy your intimate desires. Featuring three powerful motors nestled within a beautiful silicone design, TRE uses revolutionary Cyclonic Technology to send rotating vibrations through its triple motors. Using the fortuitous number three, TRE sends the sensual movement of energy swirling around your clitoris in a whirlwind of rapture.

The Story of TRE: TRE is a heavenly number that has positive symbolic resonance across distant myths, cultures and religions. In ancient Rome the three Graces, followers of Venus, brought the gift of beauty to the world. Now you can enjoy the good fortune and beauty that TRE defines. The Jimmyjane TRE embodies the universal trinity of intimate energy - emotional, physical and divine – fulfilling your destiny of unconditional feminine sexuality.

• Cyclonic Vibrations:
Tre features three powerful vibrating tips. With never-before-seen Cyclonic Vibrations, the power moves in a circular motion from one vibrator to the next, twirling around the clitoris. Unlike other vibrators, which vibrate passively from the base or at the tip in unison, Tre features a motor in each tip with vibration patterns passing stimulation around them.

• 3 Powerful Motors
Work simultaneously to create an entirely new vibrating experience

• Comfortable Size:
Small stature & palmable design makes it easy to reach all those sensitive pleasure areas.

• Simple Intuitive Controls:
Three-Button operation. 10 Vibration Modes + 2 Speeds

• Body-Safe:
Phthalate-Free Soft Silicone & ABS Plastic

• Waterproof:
Washable & Bath-Friendly

• Rechargeable:
International USB Rechargeable, High Quality Lithium Ion Battery. Runs up to 3+ Hours per Charge

• EZ Grip™:
Ergonomically designed for simple maneuverability.

• Whisper Quiet:
Powerful, Soft Vibrations