Vulcan - Wet Vagina Masturbator

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Calling out to you guys out there who wants a good time and have a little bit more to spare for quality masturbation! We strongly recommend this series of premium quality sex training maturbation cups! Fantastic feel on this inside, definitely making you ultra sensitive to cum. Vulcan Cups Wet is a series of high quality masturbator that comes in both vibration and non vibration version. Made from life-like skin material that feels her body parts, you will be able to use this for pre- sex warm up sessoin or post sex balance exercise to relieve whatever that hasn't been out. All Vulcan cups are completely washable and reusable. With a sleeve that's detachable for easy cleaning, your Vulcan cup will be kept forever clean and hygienic.  
Vulcan Wet Vagina is made to replicate her vagina in the most sophisticated manner. Her inner wall clasp gently yet firmly around your penis when inserted, giving you an undescribable orgasm you have been longing for.