Wild One - Breast Massager Nipple Attachment Set 1(Multi Colour)

There is nothing sexier than having your beret-capped French Riviera oil painting sex toy boyfriend caress your breasts in the sun on a white sand beach with his dry brush. Take the hands out of playing tune in Tokyo and soften her hard bush. Crowd those mountains together and feel the dense vastness of her foothills.

● needle (needle)
in accordance with the nipple, brush has been made so as to draw a gentle curve toward the center.
The material is silicone, which is supple, soft, and has a rounded tip, which gives a gentle stimulation.

● Dense
Silicone brush with finer density than Needle.
Seen from the side, it is cut into a V shape. The rotation gives an irregular and complex stimulus.

● Soft Brush A
brush made of a soft material, such as a feather or a brush tip.
When the nipple is submerged in a fluffy brush and then rotated, the soft bristles wrap the nipple to stimulate it softly.
Or adjust the height with the handle of the nipple dome body, touch the tip of the nipple for a while, and then rotate it to enjoy delicate stimulation.

● Hard Brush
A hard type brush that uses a hard material.
It's very stimulating, so try starting with a weak rotation and then gradually increasing it.
Perfect for those who like hard stimulation.