November 14, 2017

Sexual health is an essential component of any human's life. The drives and desires installed in all of us by nature and nurture, though they may vary widely in form and function, makes up a large part of the foundation of our physical and emotional constitution. We can only exist as complete and physically robust individuals by coming to terms with our own particular sexuality and doing what it takes to satiate it appropriately and responsibly.

Human beings are sexual beings. Numerous scientific studies, dating all the way back to the Kinsey Report, have shown a positive correlation between sexual health and positive life outcome. Although all people will differ from each other in their precise blend of attractions and compulsions, the urge to mate is something that we all face on a regular basis. If this desire is utterly ignored, suppressed, or left unfulfilled, then the person will suffer. Their health may decline, their emotional well-being may be impaired by feelings of loneliness or frustration, and in extreme cases they may even begin to behave irresponsibly.

Fortunately, as modern human beings, we have more ways to satiate and sublimate these urges than ever. Our growing sexual awareness and education is allowing people a sort of freedom that was never available before. Consulting adults can now indulge in harmless passions that would have been outright taboo to any previous generation. The net result of this sexual revelation is a population that is happier, freer, more sexually satisfied, and less frustrated than any other population in human history. The effects of this can be seen everywhere, and there are those who believe the recent decrease in crime rates is somehow related to this.

Sex toys and paraphernalia can be important tools for maintaining sexual health. By precise stimulation of the proper regions in physical erogenous zones, the hormonal system, and the mind, human beings can reliably achieve all new types of sexual pleasure. Whether alone, with a friend, or in a group, there are now sexual aids and devices for every occasion. These can be used both to increase pleasure and to reduce the negative effects that so often come with sexual activity. After all, sexual activity is a deeply intimate physical experience. It is very possible for innocent pleasure to turn into discomfort, soreness, or even pain. What is more, because of the fundamentally heterogeneous nature of sexual activity, this discomfort might not be distributed equally between the partners. Toys and devices such as vibrators, massagers, and all manner of other things can be used to make sure that a good time is always had by all.

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