California Exotics - Optimum Series Pure Skin Pump Sleeve Replacement Mouth (Beige)

This beige replacement mouth by California Exotics fits the Optimum Series Pure Skin Pump Sleeve. Crafted of thermoplastic rubber to offer a true-feeling blowjob experience, the pouting parted lips encourage you to slip yourself inside and allow the automatic or hand-powered pump attached to it to arouse and enlarge you. The stretchy, maintenance-free sleeve works with penis pump cylinders of most standard sizes.

The soft and pump sleeve measures a compact 2” x 2.5”/5 cm x 6 cm, and is made from real feel Pure Skin (TPR), for an authentic blow job experience. The maintenance free sleeve features pouting parted lips that invite and entice you to slide your penis inside. The stretchy sleeve has a super tight opening that enhances your intimate solo play encounter with every use. To fit the sleeve, simply attach the circular attachment to the flanged base of your favorite penis pump. For increased sensitivity, always use a quality lube with this accessory. Before and after every use, clean the removable pump sleeve with a toy cleaner spray.

Color: Ivory
Material Type: Thermoplastic Rubber
Features: Phthalate Free
Measurements: 2in x 2.5in / 5cm x 6cm (Sleeve)