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Entice - Feather Nipplettes Nipple Clamps

Entice - Feather Nipplettes are custom made feather nipplettes with cushioned, luxurious pads. They are comprised of a couple of entirely modifiable multi-use clamps. Cause your own nipples to benefit from pleasure with one of these clamps manufactured from feather as well as totally phthalate free pvc. Non-tarnishing as well as Nickel-Free. They are seductive nipple clamps and attach to your nipples, or perhaps any number of most desired parts of the body. Ornamental as well as arousing.

Color: Metal
Material: Metal
Diameter Outside: 3 cm
Length Total: 6 cm


Designer feather nipplettes with soft, comfortable pads, includes 2 fully adjustable multi-use clamps.


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