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EXE - G Project Puni Ana Virgin Onahole 1kg (Beige)

A dream collaboration between the big hit hall "Puniana DX" and G PROJECT! Made from momochi material, Puni Anna has the best Punitto feeling! Enjoy tight, virginal realism with the EXE G Project Puni Ana Virgin Onahole. With its soft, realistic skin fabric and heavy-duty build, this onahole can withstand your powerful thrusting. Grip it tight and let yourself go as you experience its tight passageway hot over your member. Add some lube to make it even more realistic!

■ Body size (mm)
Length 170 x Width 150 x Depth 90

■ Body weight (g), Contents (ml)

■ Accessories
GPROJECTxPEPE 5ml lotion, G PROJECT cleaning sponge brush

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