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Fleshlight - Pink Mouth Original Masturbator

Toys come in all colors. That's a given. But what could really be better than a masturbator that's the same color as the real thing? Millions of men have enjoyed the true-to-life pleasure given to them by Fleshlight products, but today's toys are ever better by far, in this case the same color as the real thing. Now, from the moment you penetrate this little doll, she's ready and willing to respond to your every desire, whenever you wish.

Product Details:

Material: SuperSkin
Length: 25.5 cm
Canal Diameter: 2 cm
Color: Pink
Orifice: Mouth
Texture: Original (Smooth)
Includes: Fleshlight Sleeve & Black Fleshlight Case
Waterproof: Yes
Lubricant: Water-Based ONLY

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