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SSI Japan - Finger Sack Dome 20 pieces M (Clear)

Protect yourself with the SSI Japan Finger Sack Dome 20 pieces. These covers slip onto your fingers, protecting you and your partner from scratches and germs during anal play. They're made of natural latex and feel similar to condoms, but are ideal for providing piece of mind as you stroke and caress your partner to climax.

- Finger sack with convenient lubricant.
- Ideal for anal play and rotors.
- Prevents bacteria and scratches caused by nails.
- Anti-slip embossed on the tip.
- Uses the same lubricant as Okamoto condoms.

*Cannot be used as a contraceptive.
made of natural latex

Product size: Total length about 60mm Width (flat) about 25mm Root ring diameter about 20mm
Item Weight: 0.45g

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