December 08, 2017 2 min read

Whether you're playing alone or with others, using a lubricant can benefit you by helping to keep the vaginal skin soft and elastic, as well as decreasing friction and pain. When deciding which lubricant is best for the situation here are some general facts:

Water-based lube with added glycerin is popular because it's friendly with latex condoms and sex toys. It offers a sweet taste which makes it a fan favorite for cunnilingus. Soothing and safe for sensitive skin, it's main drawback is its stickiness as it dries. No worry, a little saliva or water slickens things up in no time!

Water-based lube without glycerin sometimes uses vegetable-derived glycerin. This is better suited for women with yeast infection tendencies. This form can also last longer and is also thicker in texture for cushioning, ideal for anal experimentation.

Regardless of the oil-based lube you prefer, the main pro of using oil-based is the ability to use all over. Oil-based lubes aid in full-body massages and vaginal massages. Using oil-based lubes is NOT recommended with latex condoms.

Natural-oil based lubes can be found in your kitchen. In a pinch for time? Grab some vegetable, corn or olive oil and slick yourselves down. Keep this in mind, if you can eat it, you can play with it, including, although maybe as a last resort, Crisco.

Synthetic oil-based lube is what you get when all else is gone and you're looking for some alone time. Grab some body lotion or Vaseline for some stimulating External masturbation. Not recommended for intercourse or latex condoms.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of silicone during a hot encounter. A popular choice especially among women with chronic dryness or vaginal pain. Safe and hypoallergenic, silicone-based lubes are safe with latex condoms and most toys with the exception of silicone-based toys. Silicone-based lube is perfect for water play in the shower or tub, not needing re-application compared to water-based lubes.

Although not quite as poplar as water, oil or silicone lubes, Natural Lubes are odor and taste-free and contain as few ingredients as possible. Use caution when using all-natural lubes and be sure to read it's compatibilities.

Some women find vaginal intercourse so painful they need a Prescribed Lube. On some occasions you may speak to your doctor about lubes containing lidocaine or benzocaine to help numb the area. Men can also benefit from desensitizing lubes if they have issues with premature ejaculation.

No matter what lube use during playtime, it's important to read the ingredients and safety guidelines. Whether it's strawberry lube, warming lube or anal lube, adding some extra slipperiness during sex is usually a win-win for everyone!

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