Autoblow - 2 Masturbator Sleeve Size C

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Experience pleasure that's just your size with the Autoblow 2 size C sleeve. Designed for men roughly 14-16 cm in girth (at any length), the size C Autoblow 2 sleeve gives you reusable masturbation fun at a perfect fit. Made from high-quality artificial skin material, the Autoblow 2 size C sleeve is sturdy and easy to clean, which means hours of realistic oral sex simulation for even the heartiest sexual appetite!

- Washable
- Re-usable
- Interchangeable

Pleasure that fits you. Choose your size.

Size A: 7.5-10 cm girth, all lengths
Size B: 10-14 cm girth, all lengths
Size C: 14-16 cm girth, all lengths