Bathmate - Hydrodouche Anal Douche (Clear)

Bathmate Hydrodouche Anal Douche is the new anal douche that's impressing people everywhere.

This revolutionary douche is a personal hygiene product desigend to clean out the rectum, which is done to help people feel cleaner. Many people like to use this douche before anal sex or for health reasons. It definitely stands out from the crowd! If you douche regularly and want a douche that will clean more deeply and thoroughly than most other options and gets the job done very quickly, you can't go wrong with the Hydrodouche from Bathmate.

The Hydrodouche comprises:
- Adjustable Securing Strap
- Mounting Bracket/Hydro Wand Holder
- Hydro Chamber
- Chamber Connector
- Hose
- Flow Regulator
- Hydro Wand Connector
- Hydro Wand