ElectraStim - Electro Stimulation Exo Rogue E Stim Prostate Massager (Silver)

Maximize your electro play for days with the ElectraStim 'Rogue' Prostate Massager. The first of a new design generation, it wears its polycarbonate 'skeleton' on the outside to create a properly curved shape to increase your stimulation. Its heavier weight forces your muscles to contract to hold the massager in place and intensify the electro stimulant. Plus, with the 'Focus Sleeve' option, the massager's thinnest section is insulated to experience a new dimension of pleasure.

Made using modern die-casting techniques, Rogue is no longer bound by the easier manufacturing process that more traditional symmetrical toys involve. Instead, the curved prostate massager heralds the start of more unique and interesting metal designs by ElectraStim.

Designed for intense prostate stimulation, the heavy weight of Rogue forces your muscles to contract internally to hold the massager in place which not only pushes the bulbous head more firmly against the P-spot but also intensifies the effect of the electro stimulation. As well as conducting the electro sensations more intensely, the mirror finish chrome-plated Rogue also allows you to experiment with temperature play for an extra dimension of pleasure. Thanks to a clever magnetic closure, Rogue also disassembles completely for thorough cleaning.

A sure-fire winner for anal e-stim enthusiasts, Rogue is an intense and unforgettable experience that further expands the hardcore range of accessories available from ElectraStim.