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Kokos - Artist Collection Series Clara Onahole Masturbator (Beige)

Want the look and feel of a woman but without having to purchase a life size replica? This Kokos Clara Masturbator has everything you need - tits, ass, pussy. Grab her big, realistic breasts while you shove your cock into her life like pussy. We can't promise how long you'll last, but when you do cum, it will be amazing! Plump labia and delicate material, which feels like a velvety skin of a young woman, excite the imagination. The multi-relief internal structure with multidirectional folds and protrusions actively massages the penis and leads to rapid sexual discharge. Convex beads at the end of the tunnel skillfully caress the head with deep penetration and multiply the orgasm. The closed body of the masturbator creates a small vacuum and a light suction effect during the game.


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