Kokos - Hera Big Hip with Vibration Meiki (Beige)

Experience intense solo pleasure while using this Hera Big Hip Smart Sex Toy from Kokos. Realistically designed using the latest technology, this Hera sex toy features two openings that stimulate in distinct ways. Sliding into the three-dimensional vagina allows you to feel bumps and comb patterns, as well as the g-spot which differs from the S-shaped design of the anus, providing hours of intense sexual gratification.

KOKOS company All products require specific care:

- Always use water-based lubricants!

- you can use a condom in order to facilitate cleaning of the product after use

- after using the product, rinse with water, dry it and be sure to sprinkle talcum powder!

- during storage avoid contact with other sex toys to stuff "living skin" long delight you with its delicate texture.