Kokos - Victoria Mini Doll Meiki (Beige)

Achieve total satisfaction either vaginally or anally with this high-quality Victoria Mini Doll from Kokos. Designed to replicate the female anatomy including the elusive g-spot, this Smart Sex Toy gives you two distinct openings with two unique sensations. The silicon construction offers a realistic experience that is also easy to clean once rapture has been achieved, and the sensual appearance of Victoria is second only to a real lady.

KOKOS company All products require specific care:

- Always use water-based lubricants!

- you can use a condom in order to facilitate cleaning of the product after use

- after using the product, rinse with water, dry it and be sure to sprinkle talcum powder!

- during storage avoid contact with other sex toys to stuff "living skin" long delight you with its delicate texture.