Men's Max - Standard Lotion Lubricant 360ml

Lotion lubricant is a great way to go for those that do not like silicone based lubricants and water lubricants. The Men's Max - Standard Lotion Lubricant 360ml is a wonderful lotion lubricant that is perfect for those that want a thick lubricant that is going to deliver the right amount of lubrication and that is still going to be thick.This is a fantastic lubricant for those that want something easy to use that gets the job done.

Contains ingredients such as aloe vera juice, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

You can expect the effect of moisturizing the skin, keeping it soft and smoothing the skin.

Because it is a material that stretches and does not dry easily, you can use it for applications such as applying to onaholes and playing with your lover.