NPG - Meiki Resurgence Kimijima Mio Super Soft Onahole (Beige)

Mio has an incredibly sexy body with realistic features and curves. NPG has outdone themselves with this vivacious Onahole that no user can resist. Enjoy industry-leading materials that secure a real feel with true sensations and snugly grips. Immerse yourself with this stunning masturbator with unparalleled vacuum suction effects. You are sure to reach climax with every stroke of the shaft as you enjoy Mio’s hotspots at every turn.

<Mio Kimishima profile>
Date of birth: April 25
Hometown: Tochigi Prefecture,
blood type: B type
Height: 162cm
Three sizes: B92 (F) W59 H88
Hobbies: spa, eat walking
feats: cooking