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Sex and Mischief - Baby Paddle

This black vinyl paddle has a delicious weight to it in the palm of your hand. The 12 inch handle allows you to put as much power behind your swings as you and your partner prefer. The clever wrist strap keeps the paddle in place during the heat of passion and the BABY imprint leaves the perfect stamp of your ownership on your partner. This paddle was clearly designed with professional spanking in mind.

  • Black vinyl paddle with BABY design.
  • 12 inch handle allows for more power behind the spanking.
  • Wrist strap keeps paddle in place.
  • BABY text is backwards for proper display on your skin.
  • Leaves a great impression on your partner.
  • Black on red.
  • Ingredients: 86% polyvinyl, 12% RBS E-glass batten, 2% nylon
  • Includes: 1 BABY Black Paddle, 12" (30.5cm) in length

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