Tenga - Flip ORB Blue Rush Strong Masturbator (Blue/Black)

The Tenga - Flip ORB Blue Rush Strong Masturbator (Blue/Black) takes male masturbation toys to a whole new level. When you insert your magic stick into the toy, small orbs move and rotate. As you stroke in and out, these orbs rub against you, providing you with an experience that no other toy on the market can give you. If you want something new and stimulating, this is the toy for you.

● Moving Orb Structure
“Moving Orb Structure” brings a new experience that cannot be felt only by gel by embedding multiple independent different materials inside the gel.
The FLIP ORB STRONG uses an orb that is harder than before, providing a more powerful feeling.

● The
FLIP ORB was highly evaluated by 98% of people in the neck-shaped body monitor review.
The constricted shape is compact and easy to hold, and you can feel the tightening firmly in the center.

● Before use ・ Please
apply lotion inside the body.
・ After application, attach the cap to the main body and apply lotion to the insertion slot.
* Two pouches with lotion are included.
・ After using up the sample lotion, purchase TENGA HOLE LOTION (sold separately).

● Storage method
・ Dry well and check that there is no moisture.
・ When storing the product, keep it away from direct sunlight or high temperature.