Toysheart - Pretty Girl Onahole (White)

A great massager can make any day special and the Toysheart - Pretty Girl Onahole (White) is a wonderful example. This is a variable speed massager that does come with a range of speeds and it waterproof. It is made of skin safe silicone and is perfect for users of all skill and experience level. It offers a great shape for maximum pleasure and is great for getting your motor running.

Now from Toysheart comes this super realistic Pretty Girl Onahole (White). Made with hyper-realistic Silaskin, this toy feels amazing at any time of day. Now with three vibration modes and a waterproof design! Feel the inner ecstasy of this toy which is just like a real woman! Best of yet, this toy is super portable for your enjoyment wherever you go. To wash, simply rinse with warm water and optionally rinse with toy cleaner (not normal soap).

1. Rotary
2. Suuingu (3-step speed)
3. vibration (vibration seven)